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November 1, 2021

Do you have any history for your activities at outpost, sectional, district, regional, or national events for 2021 or before? We would love to get a copy and get it posted on the history site. Whether is it Pow Wow packets, FCF packets, posters, documents, patch scans, staff listings, etc. All history for your district and section can be posted. Please contact Mark Oliver and it will get updated quickly. We ask that patch scans/photos be a minimum resolution of 300x300. If you take a photo, please put one patch per picture and take the photo close to the patch so we get it up close.

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November 22, 2021

It is not too late to earn the 2021 Contributor patch. There are a few patches remaining as of November 1st. Read how to earn one here.

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2014 National Rendezvous

Location Camp Eagle Rock, Missouri
Dates July 14-18, 2014
Theme Shaking the Wilderness, Psalms 29:8
Morning Speakers Rev. Michael Petrucci, Rev. Harry Hunt, Jim Barger
Evening Speakers Paul Walters, Doug Marsh
Attendance 879 members in attendance










Award Medallions






Registration Medallion

Sales Medallion

Volunteer Medallion








2014 National FCF Rendezvous - Strongheart Award Events

Event Class Place Name Chapter
Knife Throw YB 1st Matthew Yoder Abe Lincoln
  YB 2nd Kylen L. Grubbs Indian Nation
  YB 3rd Albert L. Wagoner Quapaw
  OT 1st Kenneth Dunn Jed Smith
  OT 2nd Walter T. Stanbaugh Jed Smith
  OT 3rd Javier A. Marrujo Jed Smith
Hawk Throw YB 1st Jared N. Silverman Adirondack
  YB 2nd Nick C. Kohn Shawnee Trail
  YB 3rd Clayton M. Taylor IPHC
  OT 1st Hal E. Truhn Adirondack
  OT 2nd Phillip J. Kinkade Marcus Whitman
  OT 3rd Timothy E. Bowman Lewis and Clark
Archery YB 1st Christopher J. Roberts, Jr. Jed Smith
  YB 2nd Sean E. Kennedy Sequoia
  YB 3rd Ethan Hooper Jed Smith
  OT 1st Bryan J. Boudreaux Jim Bowie
  OT 2nd Javier A. Marrujo Jed Smith
  OT 3rd Byron N. Crutcher Daniel Boon
Flint and Steel YB 1st Jared N. Silverman Adirondack
  YB 2nd Christian Miller Coureur de Bois
  YB 3rd Tytus N. Breshears Daniel Boone
  OT 1st Ron G. Goodnow Shawnee Trail
  OT 2nd Weston Weitner Shawnee Trail
  OT 3rd Matias Melendez Old Hickory
Outfit YB 1st Christian Miller Coureur de Bois
  YB 2nd Jared N. Silverman Adirondack
  YB 3rd Konnor E. Porter Volunteer
  OT 1st Steven N. Nattrass North Star
  OT 2nd Mike Valladares High Sierra
  OT 3rd Wendell Porter Volunteer
Black Powder Shoot YB 1st Edward M. Martinez Daniel Boone
  YB 2nd Tristan D. Nixon Creek
  YB 3rd Jonathan W. Humpal Sierra Grizzly
  OT 1st P.J. McClure Daniel Boone
  OT 2nd Bryan J. Boudreaux Jim Bowie
  OT 3rd Scott L. Jamison Texas Independence
Rendezvous Games YB 1st Phillip Corley Jed Smith
  YB 2nd Warren N. Weitner Shawnee Trail
  YB 3rd Tyler R. Sappington Daniel Boone
  OT 1st Bryan J. Boudreaux Jim Bowie
  OT 2nd Kent B. Buller Jed Smith
  OT 3rd John A. Koski Henry Rowe Schoolcraft
Stump Preaching YB 1st Clayton W. Fulton Indian Nation
  YB 2nd Caleb S. Cain Indian Nation
  YB 3rd Caleb J. Schreiber George Washington
  OT 1st    
  OT 2nd    
  OT 3rd    


Strongheart Award Winners
1st Place
Young Buck     Phillip "Red Fox" Corley Jed Smith
Old Timer     Kenneth "Pilgrim" Dunn Jed Smith
2nd Place        
Young Buck     Christian "Running Elk" Miller Coureur de Bois
Old Timer     Wendell Porter Volunteer
3rd Place        
Young Buck     Nick C. Kohn Shawnee Trail
Old Timer     P.J. McClure Daniel Boone


2014 National Rendezvous - Craftsman's Fair

Event Class Place Craft Description Name Chapter
Clothing YB 1st Capote Christian Miller Coureur de Bois
  YB 2nd Coyote Drape Hat Alexander Noack Northstar
  YB 3rd Fur Mittens Daniel Allen Northstar
  OT 1st Beaded Leather Coat Keith Prince Daniel Boone
  OT 2nd White Buckskin Shirt Rick Beebe Shawnee Trail
  OT 3rd Leather Frock Mike Valladares High Sierra
Accessories YB 1st Porcupine Quill Knife Sheath Dustin Hines Daniel Boone
  YB 2nd Shooter Bag Martez Cheatham Creek
  YB 3rd Sash and Garter Set Josiah Stonebraker Hawken Rifle
  OT 1st Horn, Bag, Mohawk Belt Axe Dan Davidson Simon Kenton
  OT 2nd Beaded Shooters Bang Keith Prince Daniel Boone
  OT 3rd Join or Die Horn / Bag Combo Dan Davidson Simon Kenton
Weaponry YB 1st Damascus Tomahawk Tristan Nixon Creek
  YB 2nd Antler Handle Knife Micah Baker Creek
  YB 3rd Throwing Knife Artez Cheatham Creek
  OT 1st Rifle Hal Truhn Adirondack
  OT 2nd Sword Mike Valladares High Sierra
  OT 3rd Gunstock War Club Fred Lipowicz Daniel Boone
Blacksmithing YB 1st Damascus Knife Tristan Nixon Creek
  YB 2nd Steel Striker Phillip Corley Jedediah Smith
  YB 3rd Knife Eli Epting Swamp Fox
  OT 1st Damascus Pipe Hawk Gerald Haines Daniel Boone
  OT 2nd Tripod, Grate, Java Monkey Bob Triphahn Daniel Boone
  OT 3rd Knife Shane Wink Jim Bowie
Art YB 1st Oil Painting of Elk Christian Miller Coureur de Bois
  YB 2nd Leather Engraving Trenton Lyons Texas Independence
  YB 3rd Necklace Edward Martinez Daniel Boone
  OT 1st Beaded Smoked Pipe Bag Keith Prince Daniel Boone
  OT 2nd Downhill Luge Pinewood Derby Car Alan Schafer Rough Riders
  OT 3rd Possibles Bag Josh Olson Jedediah Smith
Woodcraft YB 1st Chair Bryce Breshears Daniel Boone
  YB 2nd Wood Shelves Clayton Fulton Indian Nation
  YB 3rd ID Staff Clayton Fulton Indian Nation
  OT 1st Lantern Dale Hansen Kit Carson
  OT 2nd Barrel Top Chest David Sundine Rough Riders
  OT 3rd Trade Sign Dan Davidson Simon Kenton
Best in Show YB 1st Damascus Tomahawk Tristan Nixon Creek
  YB 2nd Capote Christian Miller Coureur de Bois
  YB 3rd Porcupine Quill Knife Sheath Dustin Hines Daniel Boone
  OT 1st Horn, Bag, Mohawk Belt Axe Dan Davidson Simon Kenton
  OT 2nd Beaded Leather Coat Keith Prince Daniel Boone
  OT 3rd Damascus Pipe Hawk Gerald Haines Daniel Boone


Top Territory Rankings

  1. Plainsmen
  2. Riflemen
  3. Colonials
  4. Rivermen
  5. Voyagers
  6. Explorers
  7. Trappers
  8. Mountainmen
  9. IPHC 


Top Chapter Award

  1. Indian Nation
  2. Daniel Boone
  3. Creek
  4. Jed Smith
  5. Shawnee Trail
  6. Hawken Rifle
  7. Rough Riders
  8. Marcus Whitman
  9. North Star
  10. Jim Bowie
  11. Blue Ridge
  12. Swamp Fox
  13. Quapaw
  14. George Washington
  15. Adirondack
  16. Gila River
  17. El Vaquero
  18. Davy Crockett
  19. Pathfinder
  20. Volunteer
  21. Coureur de Bois
  22. Hugh Glass
  23. Chippewa
  24. Sequoia
  25. Lewis and Clark
  26. Texas Independence
  27. Simon Kenton
  28. John Fenwick
  29. Abe Lincoln
  30. Long Rifles
  31. Fort Kearney
  32. Appalachee
  33. High Sierra
  34. Choctaw
  35. El Dorado
  36. Sierra Grizzly
  37. Agueybana
  38. Old Hickory
  39. Kit Carson
  40. Seminoles
  41. Palo Duro
  42. Henry Rowe Schoolcraft
  43. Kanawha
  44. Kings Pine
  45. Minutemen
  46. Kamehameha
  47. El Rio Colorado
  48. Okefenokee
  49. Ponce de Leon
  50. Denali Frontiersmen
  51. Hudson Bay
  52. Jim Bridger
  53. Little Big Horn
  54. Washakie

FCF Historical Quiz

  1. What year was FCF founded?
    1. 1964
    2. 1966
    3. 1971
  2. Where was the first National FCF rendezvous held?
    1. Camp Eagle Rock, Missouri
    2. Blue Eye, Missouri
    3. Springfield, Missouri
  3. Who was the first elected National FCF Scout?
    1. Danny Bixler
    2. David Franklin
    3. David Barnes
  4. What was the first chapter to have an official chapter name?
    1. Sequoia
    2. Davey Crockett
    3. Daniel Boone
  5. When was the first FCF handbook published by GPH?
    1. 1971
    2. 1968
    3. 1973
  6. How many chapters have changed their chapter names to date?
    1. 6
    2. 8
    3. 10
  7. What year was the first national rendezvous at Camp Eagle Rock held?
    1. 1986
    2. 1988
    3. 1994
  8. Who was the first recipient of the "Flame of Honor" award?
    1. Johnnie Barnes
    2. John Eller
    3. Fred Deaver
  9. How many men have served as National FCF President?
    1. 4
    2. 6
    3. 5
  10. The first FCF induction was held in what district?
    1. Southern Missouri
    2. Southern California
    3. Iowa
  11. The "Trail of the Grizzly" was introduced in what year?
    1. 2000
    2. 2002
    3. 2004
  12. The Trappers Brigade was introduced in 1978 at what event?
    1. National Council
    2. National Rendezvous
    3. National Camporama
  13. What was the FCF name of the first National FCF President?
    1. Hawkeye
    2. Strong Leader
    3. Strong Heart
  14. The Buckskin and Wilderness advancement levels of FCF we introduced in what year?
    1. 1971
    2. 1968
    3. 1970
  15. How many National Rendezvous have been held in Missouri
    1. 9
    2. 10
    3. 11
  16. The Arrowhead merits are considered what color merit?
    1. Green
    2. Silver
    3. Gold
  17. The National FCF headquarters is housed in what cabin at Camp Eagle Rock?
    1. Simpkins Cabin
    2. Pyatt Cabin
    3. Silverwolf Cabin
  18. In 1980 the original four territories were split into eight. What territory name was not re-used?
    1. Longhunter
    2. Longrifle
    3. Coureur de Bois
  19. The 1984 National Rendezvous was held near what US National Park?
    1. Yellowstone NP
    2. Glacier NP
    3. Rocky Mountain NP
  20. How many national scouts are selected every two years?
    1. 6
    2. 8
    3. 10
  21. FCF was originally called the Frontiersmen Camping __________?
    1. Fellowship
    2. Fraternity
    3. Friendship
  22. There have been seven editions of the FCF Handbook. Fred Deaver has painted the cover art of six of them. Who painted the art for the first cover?
    1. Johnnie Barnes
    2. Paul Feller
    3. L.N. Persall
  23. What year did Pathfinders begin?
    1. 1992
    2. 1996
    3. 1999
  24. How many Arrowhead merits must be earned to earn the Trailblazer medallion?
    1. 6
    2. 8
    3. 12
  25. The official symbol of FCF is
    1. The blazing campfire
    2. Wings over a globe
    3. The crossed arrows
  26. List the FCF Names of the National FCF presidents


  1. List the names of the first Territorial representatives (identified with their territory)


  1. Give the exact date of the first FCF induction


  1. The second FCF induction was held in what district?


  1. What natural disaster caused some trouble at the 1976 National Rendezvous?


  1. What was the name of the camp where the first FCF induction was held?


  1. What nation was the first Pathfinders trip conducted in?