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Royal Rangers History

March 9, 2020

This project is now a few years old.  However we still need your help to keep it up to date. Do you have any history for your activities at outpost, sectional, district, regional, or national events for 2020 or before? We would love to get a copy and get it posted on the history site. Whether is it Pow Wow packets, FCF packets, posters, documents, patch scans, staff listings, etc.  All history for your district and section can be posted. Please contact Mark Oliver and it will get updated quickly. We ask that patch scans/photos be a minimum resolution of 300x300. If you take a photo, please put one patch per picture and take the photo close to the patch so we get it up close.

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March 9, 2020

We have received the 2020 Contributor patches. Are you working towards receiving it? Read more on the home page about how to earn one.

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This site is managed by the North Texas Royal Rangers on behalf of and is the exclusively authorized history site of the national Royal Rangers ministries office, Springfield, MO. Contacts for this site include Mark Oliver and Jonathan Trower.

National FCF Rendezvous Patches


1972 Rendezvous

Location: Fantastic Caverns, Springfield, MO, Evangel College, Springfield MO


Speakers: Thomas Zimmerman (General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Johnnie Barnes (National Commander)

1972 Rendezvous (remake 2000?)

1972 Rendezvous Set

1976 Rendezvous Patch


Location: Blue Eye, Missouri

Theme: The Spirit of '76



1980 Rendezvous Promo

1980 Rendezvous Patch


Location: Cumberland Mountains, Tennessee


Speakers: Silas Gathier (Director of Church Ministries), Paul McGarvey (Secretary Men's Ministries), Johnnie Barnes (National Commander)

1984 Rendezvous Patch


Location: Glacier Park, Montana

Theme: A new Beginning



1984 Hand Sewn
(only 1 exists)

1988 Rendezvous Patch


Location: Camp Eagle Rock


Speakers: Johnnie Barnes (National Commander), Fred Deaver (National FCF President)



1992 Promo

1992 Attendee


Location: Camp Eagle Rock

Theme: Gathering The Harvest

Speakers: Freddie Espinoza, Mark Gentry, Fred Deaver


1996 Rendezvous 4-1/8"


Location: Camp Eagle Rock

Theme: Lighting the Wilderness

Speakers Freddie Espinoza, Mark Gentry, Jim Barger

1996 Rendezvous 3-1/2"


1996 Rendezvous 2-1/8"

This was the first medallion. Everyone who registered for Rendezvous received this. 

1996 Rendezvous Set

2000 Rendezvous - Promo

2000 Rendezvous Patch


Location: Camp Eagle Rock

Theme: None

Speakers: Fred Deaver, Rich Mariott


2000 Rendezvous Medallion

2000 Rendezvous Medallion

2000 Rendezvous Medallion

2000 Rendezvous Medallion

2004 Rendezvous Patch 


Location: Camp Eagle Rock

Theme: None

Speakers: Rev. Thomas Trask (General Superintendent), Richard Mariott (National Commander), Fred Deaver (National FCF President Emeritus)


The 2004 Rendezvous Medallion was given to every individual who registered.  

2008 Rendezvous Promo 

2008 Rendezvous Attendee 


Location: Camp Eagle Rock

Theme: Sojourners in a foreign land, Hebrews 11:13

Keynote Speaker: Rev. Way Clark (Senior Pastor, San Antonio A/G)

Morning Devotions: Doug Marsh (National Commander), Jim Rounsville (National FCF President), Fred Deaver (National FCF President Emeritus)


2014 Rendezvous - Promo

2014 Rendezvous - Attendee

2014 Rendezvous - Volunteer

2014 Rendezvous - Fundraiser

2014 Medallion - Attendee

2014 Medallion - Volunteer

2014 Medallion - Fundraiser


2018 Rendezvous

2018 Rendezvous